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Miami Art Week 2023

SCOPE Miami Beach
M. Herrington Gallery Booth D27

Miami Art Week 

Melissa Herrington at SCOPE Miami Beach 


December 5-10, 2023




SCOPE will return to its iconic location on the sands of Miami Beach, nestled among the iconic architecture of Ocean Drive at 8th Street. Known for presenting groundbreaking contemporary work, SCOPE Miami Beach will welcome 130 international exhibitors at its beachfront pavilion with a focus on the New Contemporary SCOPE Miami Beach opens on Tuesday, December 5th, with the Platinum First View and VIP + Press Preview and will run December 5-10, 2023.

PLATINUM FIRST VIEW | Tues | Dec 5 | 12 - 4pm
Platinum Cardholders

VIP + PRESS PREVIEW | Tues | Dec 5 | 4 - 8pm   
VIP Cardholders + Press 

PUBLIC HOURS | Wed - Sun | Dec 6 - Dec 10 | 11am - 8pm
General Admission

IMG_1307 2_edited.jpg

at the cusp of midnight and color

Scope Art Fair

December 5- December 10, 2023

M. Herrington Gallery

Booth D 27

Melissa Herrington, will be exhibiting eight new abstract paintings at Scope Miami Art Week 2023. These recent works blur the lines between mediums, forms, and concept. She is known for investigating the ever-changing nature of the female form through abstraction.


These new paintings are like clouded midnight skies, beauty bruised in hues of blue, purple and black. Continuous marks seem to bleed into the watered canvas. Conjuring a feeling of floating in a vast sea of mystery, shades of the night convey a sense of boundlessness, suggesting an infinite expanse. There is no physical boundary – no wall, no border, no fence around the edges of this cosmos.  Herrington’s silhouetted figures evolve in a cosmological horizon.  These contoured shapes are often scaled to her own body or surrounding environments, tempting the viewer to engage or simply float along side them.


“There is no edged thing in all this night…” ~ Dorthy Parker

The notion of being "no edged thing" aligns with the idea that the female form, as depicted in Herrington's paintings, is not confined or limited by rigid definitions. Instead, it suggests a fluid and open-ended interpretation, allowing for a more expansive and unrestrained exploration of beauty and identity. Melissa Herrington's work, invites viewers to engage with her art on a level that goes beyond the visual and delves into something deeper.


Coral Springs
Museum of Art

M_HERRINGTON_SELECTION_March 18, 2022_0007_edited.jpg
Melissa Herrington is an artist based in
Los Angeles, California.

Herrington paints suggestively. Objects and images are never too explicit, which increase their capacity to evoke a wide range of associations and recollections. This exemplifies the freedom with which Herrington works.  Fusing meanings and delicate drawings. Spilling muted tones, marks that are at times methodical in their irregularity. Each nestles among intricately rendered lines with delicate strands wrapping bodies and colors floating across the surface. Appearing left unintentionally by a trace. Translucent stains, bold assured hues merge upon diaphanous graphite marks which weave through the haze of blurred color and suspended images both hidden and prevalent.

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